Child Mindset Specialist

In our own experience, poor student performance at school can firstly lead to declining motivation to engage with the school and education. Secondly, it can lead to mental disorders, drugs and alcohol, crime and suicide and early school leaving which in turn leads to an erosion of a child’s future potential, greatly diminishing opportunities in later life. Before they get to year 9/10, they have formed a strong opinion that school is not for them and that they should drop out.

Once the student has reached this point it is usually quite difficult to motivate them to learn. In most schools the lower level streamed classes in Year 9 and Year 10 are full of students that have decided they will not continue beyond Year 10 and hence have no motivation to do anything.

The long-term negative impacts of this ‘opportunity erosion’ on the economy and society in general are significant. The most staggering part of the analysis is the consistent decline in numeracy and literacy as a child progresses through school. The negative consequential impact on mental health, drugs, crime, homelessness and early school leaving is powerful and compelling.

Our mindset specialists are trained to quickly pull out a child from this situation, usually within 8 to 10 weeks.