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Naplan Training Specialist

Who is a Naplan Specialist : Literacy and numeracy levels in children are plummeting multi-generationally as children move through the schooling system from Year 3 to 5 to 7 to 9. A NAPLAN specialist will provide an independent assessment of

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Child Mindset Specialist

In our own experience, poor student performance at school can firstly lead to declining motivation to engage with the school and education. Secondly, it can lead to mental disorders, drugs and alcohol, crime and suicide and early school leaving which

Online Education Learning Accelerator Program

Child Learning Acceleration Program

The Learning Accelerator Program has been designed as a child focused multi-component program with the aim of addressing your child’s behaviour, focus and concentration. This is done through interventions across and between neurological, emotional and structural systems of the body

Why choose Transform Education?

Transform Education has been helping kids and parents achieve results and see below our services. Our tutors and mentors have been in specifically trained in working with kids of all abilities and assisting them improve their results in a short period of time.

  • Free Assessment
  • NAPLAN Specialist Services
  • Mindset Specialist Services
  • Behaviour Improvement at School
  • Focus Improvement at School
  • Improving Engagement at School
  • Improving Mathematics Results
  • Online Workshops in Mathematics

Professional Free Assessment

Book a NAPLAN Specialist to understand the current performance of your child and what they need to progress further. The Free Assessment provides independent assessment of your Childs literacy and Numeracy skills and identifies what skills are great and what requires improvement.

Learning Accelerator Program Testimonials

"I wanted to let you know that Han and Baxter were awarded, not for the 'smartest' kid but to those that demonstrated the greatest improvement over the year in their work standard and application. I think you can take the credit for this and feel pleased. I was certainly very proud of our boys."

Jodie Stewart, Anna Brown and Damien Dooley

My son Marcus spent a term with the program and it enabled him to focus and concentrate, really absorb what he was learning. He completes homework with a breeze and I have also noticed his confidence in his own ability has soared (he just feels he can do the work). His behaviour has also improved in school and at home. I would highly recommend the program to any frustrated parents watching their child struggle."